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Date 23/05/2010

Who we do it for

Flowers and plants are our specialist subject - we’d score top marks if you put us in the Master Mind chair - but we only take on work we know we can be passionate about so we can give the very best service. Over the last few years we have worked for the following wonderful companies.

When Colombia wants to showcase their flowers to a targeted trade audience we are the people they get to help.  


Not only do we make sure that the maximum number of florists attend each event but organise all the logistics as well from appointing designers to setting up the displays.  


Oh yes and Caroline provides the commentary as well to make sure all the key benefits of buying Colombian are covered and every attendee goes away knowing that for certain flowers there really is no other choice.

The British Florist Association wanted to host a conference.  They had the vision but not enough manpower so we were brought in to get the show on the road.


Mick Jones led the team and together we achieved both a great turnout - more than 172 delegates attended - but delivered it within budget, without any hiccoughs and with rave reviews from both delegates and the host.  


We were then appointed by the  British Florist Association to put together the 2016 event which was equally successful and have now been asked to do 2017!

Poinsettias may be the symbol of Christmas but they also have a bit of a ‘granny’ reputation so our job is to funky-fi the image of this gorgeous plant and make sure as many consumers as possible see it as a ‘must buy’ plant.  


Working on a pan European basis within an EU funded campaign, we not only carry out extensive trade promotion but a full range of consumer facing activities as well.


The results?  Well according to Horticultural Week sales of Poinsettia rose by 15% in 2014 … we like to think we helped a bit in making it happen!

The right words can make all the difference between people taking notice or switching off.  And that’s why our writing service is so popular, especially when used in tandem with and our social media programmes.


It's already used by all sorts of companies including FloriSmart who asked us to help launch their new buying platform to Opiflor and Corsage Creations who we help promote new sundries for.  


For Flower Council of Holland we work on their monthly plant promotion while for Bouquet Tales, a group of Dutch growers, we help with their social media campaign.


Just a few of the blue chip companies who use to make sure they reach the maximum number of new buyers and maintain their relationship with existing customers.  

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