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Words are our business, writing copy that sells is how we earn a living.  From creating press releases that will be read and used to designing direct mail that will be opened and responded to, we can turn your message into sales and help you make the most of all the new channels of communication as well.


Services at a glance

  • Public Relations

  • Advertising

  • Direct Mail

  • Magazines & newsletters

  • Social networking

  • Database marketing

What we do

Words that sell

Face to Face

Sometimes only a personal connection will do but to make the most of your budget it has to work to the max and not cost you a fortune.  And with one of the biggest ‘little black books’ in the industry we have contacts across the globe and throughout the whole floricultural industry.  


In fact whatever or whoever you want to meet we can probably organise it … be it on a private basis, at a senior management industry networking events or a fully-fledged exhibition.


Services at a glance

  • Product Launches

  • Exhibitions

  • Seminars and Conferences

  • Networking lunches

None of us look like Mary Portas or Alex Polizzi but, when it comes to retailing flowers and plants, we knock purple spots off them!  


In fact, whether you are a small independent or a mass retailer, if you sell flowers and plants we probably know exactly the right person to help see and resolve problems - often before they even start.  Oh yes and there’ll never be a camera crew in sight, just increased profits per square metre.


Services at a glance

  • Sourcing

  • NPD

  • Execution

  • Shop Design

  • Team Building

  • Business Mentoring

Retail Solutions


We personally hate the word consultancy as it conjures up all sorts of images and that whole blue sky thinking malarky leaves us cold but actually we offer both in a very normal style and without too many buzz words!


Whether it’s a one off, short term project you just need to pass over to a safe pair of hands or a calm and sympathetic review of where you are, where you need to be and how to effect change successfully we can help.


Services at a glance

  • Corporate Development

  • Strategic Review

  • Project Management

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Digital Publishing

The bedrock of our business is, the only truly independent trade magazine that started life back in 1949 as a traditional print journal before going fully digital in January 2014.


As hard hitting in its cyberspace form as it was as a printed magazine, the site now attracts in excess of 10,000 unique visitors a month and is backed up by a fully formed social media network with a reach of over 30,000 interactions depending on the story.  


Add in an email list of over 5,000 key contacts and an above average click rate for its newsletters and you have a communication platform second to none.


Content rich, is acknowledged as one of the most successful digital titles in the world of flowers but has never forgotten or lost its roots.

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